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Middleton Store Saves More than 2,000 Tonnes of Food Waste in First Year


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Company Shop’s superstore in Middleton is celebrating a successful first year of operation, having prevented some 2,000 tonnes of surplus food reaching landfill. To mark the occasion, Mayor Ray Dutton joined Company Shop’s colleagues and members for an in store celebration.

Middleton Store Saves More than 2,000 Tonnes of Food Waste in First Year

Company Shop’s superstore in Middleton is celebrating a successful first year of operation, having prevented some 2,000 tonnes of surplus food reaching landfill. To mark the occasion, Mayor Ray Dutton joined Company Shop’s colleagues and members for an in store celebration.


Company Shop Middleton takes food from retailers, manufacturers and brands that is perfectly good to eat, but can’t be sold in supermarkets for a range of reasons, such as forecasting errors, expired promotions or labelling issues. This food is made available to members at heavily discounted prices. At each of Company Shop’s flagship stores in Corby, Grimsby, Tankersley and Middleton, members enjoy access to a range of quality products which are surpluses from some of the country’s biggest retailers, manufacturers and brands, including Heinz, Nestle, Waitrose and M&S.

Membership to the Middleton store is open to individuals who work in food manufacturing, a sector which has a strong footprint in the region. In just twelve months, the store has seen over 11,000 individuals from 75 local food-supply chain businesses sign up as members, and it continues to receive in excess of 100 new applications for membership each week.

As an organisation, Company Shop is committed to delivering positive environmental, economic and social impact through its work. As well as helping to stretch family budgets and supporting food businesses with managing their surpluses, the organisation is delivering benefits to the environment by stopping wholesome food ending up in landfill or anaerobic digestion.

The store has been championed by MIDAS, Manchester’s inward investment agency and Rochdale Development Agency since its inception. Furthermore, Company Shop has worked closely with The Skills Company - who support local people to get back into work - to recruit its excellent staff team. MIDAS and the Skills Company are both part of the Manchester Growth Company.


Company Shop Commercial Director, Tom Rumboll, said:

We have had a fantastic first year of operation in Middleton, and are thrilled at how welcoming the local community have been. Over 11,000 members have already signed up from more than seventy five local businesses, all of whom have all helped us to save over 2,000 tonnes of food from going to waste this year. Under the excellent management of Ackie, we look forward to continuing to grow the Middleton store in year two as we aim to serve 20,000 members, representing over 100 local food businesses.”


Cllr Ray Dutton, Mayor of Rochdale Borough Council, said:

I am pleased to see that the Company Shop has gone from strength to strength during its first 12 months here in Middleton. It is great news for the local economy, but it is equally great to hear how much food has been diverted from reaching landfill. I know they have worked hard to engage with our local food businesses and I wish them well for the future.”


Tim Newns, Chief Executive of MIDAS said:

“It's inspiring to see Company Shop doing so well on their first anniversary in Rochdale. Their innovative business model for reducing food waste is perfectly placed in the birthplace of the cooperative movement and we hope that they continue to go from strength-to-strength. Company Shop is clearly an asset to the local community and region.”